Thought I’d forgotten you, eh?

It’s been a hectic time for me. There’s the possibility of a second book, who I want to publish it, research on a massive scale, and facing up to the fact that my job is not as fulfilling in regards to money or satisfaction. I’m making some changes, and when they pan out I’ll be informing all of you. Thanks for sticking with me this long.


The Future’s Twilight That Never Was

The first book Smoke & Mirrors took place on a medieval-era planet. I intended the second book Future’s Twilight to be about a dystopian future, but the story grew into a Star Trek-like formula (visiting planets themed after genres like Westerns & police procedurals). I’ve given thought into shoehorning a book all about the future, but that brings its own questions: can science fiction be science fiction when it’s telling a story about a realm the complete opposite of science fiction? What do you think?

Random Thoughts – The Writing Process

Writing’s funny. You can write up pages in one day and realize they don’t get the right feel for the scenario you’re trying to portray. I have notebooks full of writing I never use. But that’s okay. That’s part of the process. Yes, it’s frustrating to realize your breakthrough is the same thing you written fifty pages earlier, or realize there’s a question of chronological actions and reactions along the story’s path, but that’s part of the writing process. An author is recognized by his failures just as much as his successes, but as long as you keep writing, something good will come out of the mess.