Book Sales

As of today, a total of 47 Sefiros Eishi: Chased By Flame books have been sold. Thanks for the help, guys and girls (you know who you are).


Personal Milestone

I just finished reading A Memory of Light, the fourteenth book of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book series. I’ve been meaning to finish the series for a while now; life has been in the way for a long time. Since Robert Jordan is what inspired me to write fantasy, I highly recommend Wheel of Time to any novice fantasy reader.

Jordan was incredible. He was able to take the smallest detail and make it into a story. Just reading his characters walked was a masterpiece. If I have a fraction of the talent Jordan had, I’ll be a lucky writer. Have fun reading.

Oh, and just for the record, you can buy my fantasy novel Sefiros Eishi: Chased By Flame at and The book focuses on the main characters who will have larger roles in future novels.

Dany Slone

Dany Slone is a passionate person. The first post that popped up when I checked her sight is a detailed rundown of how the EU referendum is offensive to her and the country. She is also is an extremely private person, and there’s a quiet nobility in her insistence that her vote is hers to make and no one elses.’ You are lost in the political sandbox of today’s modern world? Dany Slone is the one to help you make sense of it. Go to for more interesting stuff.

Austin L. Wiggens

I have no idea why Austin L. Wiggens likes my blog. His forte is philosophy, and I’m just a fantasy author dealing with demons, armored superheroes and time portals. But he is a powerful writer. I don’t even try poetry, as I tend to butcher the English language to make a poem. But he has some elegant ideas. You should definitely check him out at: And afterwards go to Amazon and buy my book Sefiros Eishi: Chased By Flame (hey I gotta eat, you know. Promotion is the author’s lifeblood). Leave a review please.

Matt Doyle Media

I’ll be honest here: Matt Doyle and I operate in different writing circles. But we both have the same passion. His film reviews cover every detail of his films: the budget, the history, and the actors portraying their roles. Check him out at And then, because ceaseless promotion is the author’s necessary tools, go to and order my medieval fantasy epic Sefiros Eishi: Chased By Flame.