Please Buy The Book

I’m glad that everybody’s liking my posts. But as you might suspect, I have an ulterior motive. I’m a writer. My first book has been published. I need it to sell enough so I can make a living out of this. For that, I need one thing: you.

I need you to read this book. I need you to buy it. In droves. I need you to spread the word to everyone you know. Tell them my stuff are the best things they’ll read.

“But we’ve just met!” you’re thinking. “How do I know you’re that good?”

I’ve been posting a lot lately: about my style and workday. Some of my work is at the blog, just go and input my name into the search engine. Better yet, go to It’s my other site, and I’ve been putting 500-word articles in there for a few months. The proof is right there. So go buy it. I guarantee you won’t be bored.


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