The First Sefiros

The hero that would eventually be named Sefiros didn’t start out as Sefiros. The first version was Terraxdemon, an armored warrior able to wield all elemental magic. The entire story was about this warrior who never took off his mask. Even when he was with other people he refused to get out of the armor. He would constantly slip away to eat in order to protect his identity. He didn’t have a civilian form because at the time I related more with the Supermen — not the Clark Kents — of the comic book world. But then I realized that the civilian identity was just as important as the superhero. I realized that a normal guy like me could be defined with heroic qualaities. Like Peter Parker, the civilian identity was how Spider Man was the key to the “Everyman” hero archetype he represents.

So I began the process of sculpting the civilian identity. I drew inspiration from Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, mixed in with a little Spider Man and Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules character. I wondered what life I would have had if born in the Middle Ages, and I finally came up with the librarian angle.

The librarian occupation was the perfect conduit. Since I read a lot, I could give the civilian hero access to all of my present-day knowledge. Of course there weren’t any time travel stories in the Middle Ages, but since all fiction are stories anyway, I just posit the story into the book’s world and had the civilian read the work as part of his education. Naturally I had to tweak a few things, but I had a character basis

They say “write what you know.” I know what’s like to have a physical handicap because I was born with cerebral palsy. Making the protagonist crippled was another conduit between me and the readers. I could tell my story through the librarian — what things he’s gotten used to, the social awkwardness, the accepting of not being able to do certain things (my mother still cuts up my steak for me), and so on. The librarian made the armored warrior humane. There’s a face under that mask, and the librarian helped me to convey that person’s personal growth.

Thanks for reading.


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