Shayna Kae & Christina Lansplex

My character’s love interest was Shayna Kae. But she wasn’t always so.

The early drafts of the book had the love interest as Amazon Knight Christina Lansplex (based on a high school crush). She was, as most characters in the drafts were, rather one-dimensional. Her introduction has her decked in a full suit of armor walking down the stairs. At the time I thought it was cool, but looking back on that time now gives me shivers. Watching your prom date descend the stairs is not the same when aforementioned girl is armed to the teeth.

The end of that crush meant Lansplex was in for a rehaul, and thus a complete role reversal (more on that later). But me, like an idiot, soon found a new crush on which Shayna was based. This being a time travel novel, it seemed a good idea to play a little game on main character Mykel.

From his perspective, Mykel meets Shayna for the first time during a stint at the Red Boar Inn when she delivers a meal to him. But then she keeps rattling off facts and events that haven’t happened to the librarian yet. She even knows about Caryl, a hooker that Mykel frequents. It’s then that Shayna realizes Mykel has no idea who she is, and has “forgotten” al about the — supposedly — intimate moments they shared. She throws the food at his face and quickly runs off crying. The first thirty pages, and Mykel gets food in the face by the girl. Things are not looking good for him.


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